Reservation Instructions


Online Reservation System Instructions & Rates

How to reserve your times:
  1. Use the dropdown box to select the number of lanes you need.  (To book the whole gym, select 3 lanes. For instruction with one or two players, select one lane.)
  2. Click on the date you wish to book.
  3. Select the times.  Times are listed in 1 hour increments.  To book for 2 or more hours, select each starting time (i.e.: A two hour spot starting at 2:00 = selecting 2:00 and 3:00 p.m.)
  4. Click “x” to close that day’s time selection box.
  5. Repeat for additional days and times. (Note: You can book several days/times in one transaction as long as you are reserving the same number of lanes. If you require 3 lanes for one practice and 2 lanes for another, you must finalize the 3 lane bookings and start another transaction for 2 lanes.)
  6. Select your payment method
  7. Click the “finalize booking” button.  If paying by credit card, you will go to the payment screen. Pay by check accepts the booking and clears the screen for more bookings.  You will receive email notification after completing the process.
  8. Questions or changes, please email
2018-19 Rates (as of September 1, 2018)
  1. $25 per hour per lane or $75 per hour to rent the full facility.
  2. Flames coaches using the facility for private instruction receive a discounted rate of $15 per hour per lane.
  3. Packages provide teams with 10, two-hour full-facility rentals. Package clients receive the following benefits:
    • Ability to reserve earlier than 7 days prior during Winter Session
    • A set day/time each week during Winter Session (January – Beginning of March)
    • 15% Discount off standard rental rate

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